One hundred.
Totally different.
You think they sound the same?
Who are you, anyway?

Are you Dr. Lazarus?
Two aspirins and call me in the morning.
Doctor joke. Are you the new marshal?

Yes. I'd like to talk to you.
I got an alibi. Four people will swear
we were playing poker.

I never heard that one before.
-That's really funny.

Yesterday, a man went into the
atmosphere without his pressure suit.

A couple of days before, another
man cut his suit open on purpose.

It happens here.
How often?
-I don't know. It just happens here.

I'm not a psychiatrist.
I can't tell you why.

Some people can't take it
here after awhile.

-Did you do autopsies?

Why not?
The Company wanted the bodies
shipped out quickly.

Secondly, when one exposes
himself to zero-pressure atmosphere. . .

. . .there isn't a lot to inspect.
In the third place,
you're becoming a nuisance.

Yes, I know.
Give me a report of all of the incidents
happening over the past 6 months.

I'd like it soon, or I might just kick
your nasty ass all over this floor.

That's a marshal joke.