We've got a response on your request.
I'm trying to keep my composure...
...and like everything else I do,
I think I'm messing this up.

I despise these message things.
I'm just such a coward.

I couldn 't look at your face and say
what I'm about to say. I just couldn 't.

If you were in front of me,
I'd change my mind.

How bad?
I'll be right there.
Marshal, he's in the west wing.
Sergeant Montone is waiting for you.

He's in a leisure compartment roughing
up a hooker. She pushed the alarm.

When I responded, he said he had a knife
and would kill her if I didn't leave.

A crane operator named Sagan. Been
here 1 1 months, never caused trouble.

-How's the girl?
-She's still alive.

Is he stoned?
Beats me. Some guys like
to slap hookers around.

This is Marshal O'Niel. Let that girl
out and no one's going to hurt you.

Now listen to me!
Just listen.
I can't go away and you know that.

Now nobody's going to hurt you.
If you want to talk, we'll talk.
I won't try to break in. . .
. . .and you don't do anything crazy
with that girl. Okay?

Go away!
-Get me a maintenance worker.
-Yes, sir.

Which vent leads to the air conditioning
duct for number two compartment?