Pennies from Heaven

- Well, you're wrong.
- Arthur?

Wrong. Wrong.
May almighty God strike me dead
on this spot.

But you have wanted to?
Wanting to...
:43:17 not the same as doing it.
Tell me why you want to, Arthur.
You know, I heard a true story
the other day.

In a band, a dance band they were...
...this man and this woman singer, they...
- Arthur.

Well, they gave the elevator operator
a $20 bill...

:43:45 stop the elevator
between floors...

...and turn his back.
- Why?
- So they could make love in the elevator.

Well, then they are animals, Arthur,
and you know they are.

Are they, Joan?
Are they?
Well, it's disgusting.
I wish...
You wish what, Arthur?
I wish...
- I wish I could play the saxophone.
- What, Arthur?

What are you doing, Arthur?
I was pretending.
But what?
And why?