Raiders of the Lost Ark

Are you hurt?
No. You have to get me out of here quick!
They're going to be back at any minute.
Quick! they keep asking about you, what you know.
What's wrong? Cut me loose.
I know where the Ark is Marion.
The Ark is here?
Well I'm coming with you Jones! Get me out of here,
Cut me loose! You can't leave me here!

If I take you out of here now they will
start combing the place for us.

Jones you got to get me out of here!
Are you crazy?

You know that I hate to do this.
You just Sit still, keep quiet.
This whole thing is going to be shut.

I'll be back to get you.
That's it.
Who knows, perhaps the Ark is still waiting
in some anti chamber for us to discover.

Perhaps it's some vital bit
of evidence which eludes us.

Perhaps the girl can help us.
My feeling exactly.
She was in possession of
the original piece for years,

she may know much if properly motivated.
I tell you the girl knows nothing.
I'm surprised to find you squeamish
that is not your reputation.

But it needn't concern you,
I have the perfect man for this kind of work.