- Hello.
- Did I wake you up?

Hi, darling.
No, you didn't wake me up.
Ready when you are.
It's a wonder.
You really wore me out last night.

You were fantastic.
You were pretty fantastic yourself.
Listen, I like your suggestion.
Sam Marshall and you
make good chemistry.

And he's right for the part.
- What did you say?
- Nothing.

That's great.
- Then we got a date?
- So, I'll see you tonight?

- I miss you.
- Yeah.

- 'Bye.
- 'Bye, darling.

You son of a bitch.
Well, he liked my suggestion.
He thinks you'll be great for the part.
What a great car you have.
- Where are you headed?
- That depends.

Where are you headed?
You're late, Ben.
I know that, dear boy.
- What's up?
- They're all waiting in the study.

- You didn't answer my question, dear boy.
- That's because I'm not your dear boy.

Once we file for divorce,
it's a matter of public record.

Polly Reed's nose is in the wind.
- My secretary's saying I'm in Palm Springs.
- I have to say something.

You could not have picked a worse time.
As your press agent, I agree.
But it wouldn't be good
if Night Wind was a hit.

Like it or not, you're the first to admit it.
You have an image.