Why should I give you a vitamin shot?
I'm the one with the hangover.

- Hi, hon, it's me. Any messages?
- B12.

- I don't want to talk to her.
- B complex.

- FYI only, I'm at Farmer's.
- Crude liver.

Okay. Hold on.
And a generous jolt of adrenal cortex...
...chased by a bloody mary.
I thought that was a chaser.
Where would Salk or Pasteur
be if they hadn't taken chances?

You must help me
with my story for the press.

Say you'll only be in the hospital
two months.

Fuck off, will you? Forgive me.
You want a drink?
In order to inject this properly,
I have to expose my gluteus maximus.

Want me to do it for you?
- Are you, perchance, a nurse?
- No. I used to be a junkie.

Would it endanger your amateur standing
if I ask you to use a sterilized needle?

You're the doctor.
That's the nicest thing
anyone has said to me all week.

Hello? Who is this?
Hello, Harry.
No, Culley. Yeah.
- No, it was just an accident.
- Jesus, it's all over town!

He put it in low instead of reverse...
...went through the garage wall
and into the ocean.

Tell the world.
Yeah, damn lucky.
It's just one of those ridiculous things.
Here he is now!

Felix! Thank God! We got our speech.
- Harry wants to know how you're feeling.
- I know you didn't try to take your life.

Did you hear that?
He said, "I never felt better in my life."

But you know how they can blow
a thing like this out of proportion.

Imagine what would happen
if Polly Reed got her hands on this.

We've got to sit down and
get our stories straight. Let me handle it.

Felix, are you listening to me?
I want to play it down.
It was a freak accident.

Domestic problems. No, wait.
Tell the studio the doctor wants him
to stay in bed for a day or two.

No, I said I should stay in bed
for a day or two.

He should go out, play golf,
get some exercise.

I know it's been a bad couple of days,
and I won't kid you, you look awful.

The sooner we settle this,
the sooner you'll get some rest.