No, Harry. I haven't said anything to him.
They just pulled him out of
the Pacific Ocean, for Christ's sake.

Either come out here
and take care of it yourself...

...or butt out and let me handle it.
- He won't even talk to me.
- I promise you.

You'll be the first one to know.
Now, take it easy. Goodbye.

That's a nervous Jew.
That's not a nervous Jew.
This is a nervous Jew.

- You don't look nervous.
- lf you don't stop it...

Don't get sore.
Some of my best friends are nervous.

You've got to talk to him.
Tell him, in 10 minutes that doorbell
will ring and all hell will break loose.

- See who it is, Lila.
- But don't let them in.

I'd like to see Felix.
- Felix who?
- Farmer.

This is the Farmer house, isn't it?
I'll have to ask. Wait a minute.
- It's a woman. Gave me the creeps.
- Describe her.

- Bleach blonde, a lot of makeup...
- It's Polly.

- She says she wants to see Felix.
- What are we going to do, Culley?

The back door.
I remember this scene in The Thing.
- There was this horrible monster on...
- Will you shut up?

Hi, Polly.
Amazing coincidence.
I was just talking about you.

Were you really, Irving?
Hello, Culley. Ben.