Come on, Lila. I'll take you to the market.
I'll get my roller skates.
Just keep taking the medicine.
Tomato juice.
- And lots of water.
- Doc.

Excellent. And no spicy foods.
No, that's spicy, Mrs. Zukerman.
In a couple of days,
if it isn't better you drop in the office.

Goodbye, Mrs. Zukerman.
- I have got to talk to Felix right now.
- Go ahead.

What? He doesn't even know
I'm in the same room.

If you want answers,
you better wait about nine hours.

Nine hours?
Farmer residence. Who's calling?
- It's David Blackman.
- Say hello.

This is Ben Coogan.
Maybe I can help, Mr. Blackman.

Join me in one of these little pink pills?
It's David Blackman.
Don't you understand?

Yes, sir, Mr. Blackman.
This is Ben Coogan. Yes, sir.

Listen, Ben. I need straight information.
We're getting all kinds of stories here.

Right now, he's heavily sedated, sir.
Dr. Irving Finegarten.
If he doesn't remember me,
mention his first clap.

- God, I'm going to kill you one day.
- I didn't give it to him. I cured him.

I'm afraid so, sir.
All right. Keep in touch.
A Hollywood gossip columnist
was seriously injured today...

... while visiting the Malibu home
of film producer Felix Farmer.

According to reporters, Mr. Farmer
fell from his second-story bedroom...

... and landed on Miss Reed who
was then rushed to the Malibu Hospital.

She's reported to be
in satisfactory condition.

Satisfactory, shit.
Farmer was involved in a bizarre accident.