Do you know why?
I'll tell you why.
Because dying fathers and lying mothers...
...are a dime a dozen, these days.
Home and family have become
civilization's antiques...

...along with the flag...
... Sunday school, Girl Scout cookies...
... C.B. de Mille and virginity.
We gave them virtue, they want vice.
We sold them schmaltz,
they prefer sadomasochism.

Instead of the American dream...
... it should have been
the American wet dream.

We'll reshoot.
We'll make Gillian West, businesswoman,
into a nymphomaniac executive.

Packard de Haven, rugged male chauvinist
is really a transvestite.

The dream sequence will become
erotic orgies.

- Felix.
- It is perfect.

It is a 20th century Sodom and Gomorrah...
... and in the end,
God turns Gillian into saltpeter.

- Felix, for God's sake.
- Think of it, David.

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes,
Night Wind will become...

... the greatest money-making film
in motion picture history.

Today, a $30-million flop.
Tomorrow, a $40-million
box office champion.

- $40 million?
- A month to re-write.

- Another $10 million.
- Maybe $11, no more.

You expect me to put up $11 million...
...for what is the worst
crap I have ever seen?

- Crap?
- No.

I'll tell you what you're going to do,
what you can do:

You're going to re-cut Night Wind
exactly the way I tell you to cut it.

Then, by God,
if it's the last thing I do, I'll fix it...

...so you never do another picture
in this town as long as you live.

Oh, my God. Throw him off the lot.
I'll have you arrested, maniac.