...and I'm not...
...I am full of fire, Culley.
I'm a blazing comet.
Comets burn out.
But, my foes and my friends,
it gives a lovely light.

I must warn you,
my hands are lethal weapons.

So is your goddamn fountain pen.
I'd better be going.
You stay where you are, Culley.
You're a witness. You lunatic.

You maniac.
$16 million?
Half of that money is mine.
That entitles you to 50 percent
of the profits.

That entitles me to have you arrested
for grand theft, larceny...

...fraud, embezzlement...
You thieving, filching son of a bitch.

Sally Miles swears.
You're going to give me my $8 million,
or so help me...

...l'll have you locked up for
the rest of your unnatural life.

Give me my money, Felix.
Give it to me or I will kill you.
Sally Miles kills.
Sally Miles says "shit."
Sell $100 million at the box office.
$200 million. Peter Pan is dead.
Long live Gillian West,
nymphomaniac executive.

Not since Edison, not since Griffith,
not since Jolson.

We'll make motion picture history.
A cinematic monument
to man's immorality.

A celluloid prophesy
of the holocaust to come.

"For if God spared not
the angels that sinned...

"...but cast them down to hell...
"...and delivered them
into chains of darkness...

"...to be reserved unto judgment:
"And spared not the old world...
"...but saved Noah...