Gary said, legally in any court...
With all due respect to Gary,
he's very bright...

...but he's your secretary, not your lawyer.
You mean that Felix can just go out
and spend every single cent?

I don't mean that.
You can take him to court.

You can get an injunction
against him for your money.

That'll be messy.
The press'll have a field day.

You really want to go through
something like that?

No, but I don't want
to lose $8 million, either.

Sally, suppose the things that Felix wants
you to do make sense in today's market.

Would you consider doing the film?
- You mean, forget the money?
- No, I don't mean forget the money.

Of course not forget the money.
But for the sake of this discussion,
if it wasn't for just a cheap effect...

...would you consider doing a nude scene,
or getting raped...

...or whatever the hell it is
he wants you to do?

Well, if it wasn't for cheap effect...
I don't know. What do you think?
You're my agent.

Well, dear, if I thought it was
a real ballsy part...

...and the audience would believe you in it,
I certainly would have to consider it.

But you're the first one to preach
my audience to me and my image.

I'm the last person in the world who
would monkey around with your image.

If I was certain, if I was absolutely
dead positive that you couldn't miss...

...and incidentally,
turn a flop into a success...

Sally, creative judgments
are not my department...

...but I think you've got
a few important things to consider...

...before you jump into
an $8 million lawsuit.

Now, let me see if I can get this straight.
I can sue, but at best
it would be expensive...

...it would cause a lot of bad publicity
and there's a big chance that I would lose.

On the other hand, I can do the film...
...and please, God,
if Felix is right and it's a success...

...then I would get my $8 million back,
plus half the profits?

That's the least you would get.
I think we can guarantee you
a deal better than that.

Let's say 100 percent of the profits.
I mean, what the hell is Felix going to do?
I don't know about any of this.