We can talk now.
I would like to scan
all of you in this room
one at a time.

I, I must remind you
that the, uh, scanning experience
is usually a painful one,

sometimes resulting in nosebleeds,
earaches, stomach cramps, nausea.
Sometimes other symptoms
of a similar nature.

There's a doctor present
Dr. Gatineau.

I know that you've all
been prepared for this,

but I thought I'd just
remind you just the same.

Uh, there is
one other thing.

No one is to leave this room
once the demonstration has begun.

At this point I'd like
to call for volunteers.

Anyone. It doesn't matter.
Just, uh...
Sit right here, please.
Now, I'd, I'd like you
to think of
something specific.

Something that will not
breach the security
of you organization.

And that you will not object
to having disclosed
to this group.

- Something, uh, personal, perhaps.
- All right.

Yes, I have something.
- Do I have to close my eyes?
- It doesn't matter.

All right.
Yes, I have something.