Very weak.
Welcome to our
little psychic gymnasium.

Cameron Vale...
You'll please meet...
Yoga master Dieter Tautz.
Mr. Tautz has kindly consented
to be your psychic
sparring partner.

He has publicly demonstrated
on many occasions

that by the power of his will.
He can control his heart rate,
his alpha-wave rhythm,
and many other supposedly
uncontrollable functions
of the human body.

Are we ready?
Just about.
If you would be
kind enough to sit
facing this gentleman here.

I want you...
I want you to...
slowly release your scan.
Slowly, with focus.
I want it to touch his heart
but not his brain.

You understand?
Telepathy is not mind reading.
It is the direct linking
of 2 nervous systems
separated by space.
I want you to make a link...
from your brain...
to his heart.
I want your brain
to make his heart...
beat fast.
Now, if his heart
beats too quickly...

then he will take over
control of his heart...