I thought that was
a dog around your neck.

It that's humor, don't bother.
I want to be taken to the airport,
and be very carefuI with the bags.

Don't scratch them.
Allow me.
Thank you.
Would you be carefuI with those!
Madam, perhaps you'd like
to eat your luggage.

I'm in a hurry.
Oh! Oh, my balls.
Good morning.
This is basic English.
My name is Russell Ziskey...
and I'm gonna be your instructor
for the next five weeks.

I want you to call me Russell and I'm
going to call you by your first names...

because I would have a pretty tough time
pronouncing some of your last names.

Okay, I know you're anxious to jump
right in and start speaking English...

but there are just a couple of things
I need to know first because...

I've never done this before.
How many of you would say you speak
English well, but with some difficulty?

A little English?
You speak some English?
Son of bitch. Shit.