I know. I gotta straighten out.
- This is ridiculous.
- Right.

That's what you said last week.
How much can you
straighten out in one week?

It hasn't been a week, John.
It's been six months.

And nothing's changed.
You sleep in till noon,
then you watch Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Then you drive your cab, what,
a couple hours?

You come home,
you order out food...

and then you play those stupid Tito
Puente albums until 2:00 in the morning!

Tito Puente is gonna be dead,
and you're gonna say...

"I've been listening to him for years
and I think he's fabulous."

Then you watch movies until dawn,
and then you come to bed with me.

You don't think that takes energy?
You're a sexual dynamo.

Most guys couldn't even
handle you.

I've been reading books on the outside
so I can keep up with you.

It's not funny.
You're going nowhere, John.
It's just not that cute anymore.
It's a little cute.
Come on. I'm part of a lost
and restless generation.

You want me to run
for the senate?

I don't know what I want.
I just know
that I don't want you.

So, the basic problem is
that I'm still around?

Where's that sharp knife
we have? Anita!

I need you.
Come on.
I knew that wasn't
gonna sound good.

No, it's not gonna work.
I like you, but I need something more.

I need somebody who's gonna
develop with me and grow. Good-bye.

Who could grow more than me? Talk
about massive potential for growth...

I am the little acorn
that becomes the oak.

You can't go!
All the plants are gonna die!