Forward, arms!
Inspection, arms!
Right shoulder, arms!
Right face!
Your left...
Come on, rhythm.
Hut, two, three, four.

Black guys heIp the white guys, okay?
- What did he say?
- He said the black guys...

help the white guys.
Come on, guys!
Wait a minute!
Cut it out! Stop!
Hey, stupid,
look at yourself!

Cut it out!
What the hell's
the matter with you?

We're all very different people.
We're not Watusi.
We're not Spartans.

We're Americans
with a capital "A," huh?

You know what that means?
Do you? That means
that our forefathers...

were kicked out of every
decent country in the worId.

We are the wretched refuse.
We're the underdog.
We're mutts.

Here's proof.
His nose is cold.

But there's no animal
that's more faithfuI...

that's more loyal,
more loveable than the mutt.

Who saw Old Yeller?
Who cried when Old Yeller
got shot at the end?

Nobody cried
when Old Yeller got shot?

I'm sure.
I cried my eyes out.
So we're all dogfaces.
We're all very different.

But there is one thing
that we all have in common.

We were all stupid enough
to enlist in the army.