Sir, may I present Miss Lori Cable?
Lori, this is General Bache, our commander.

- How do you do?
- I'm very pleased to meet you, sir.

And I you. Dean Ferris, this is Miss Lori
Cable. A guest of Major Cooper tonight.

- Well done, John.
- Thank you, sir.

Hello. I know that lovely face
but I've forgotten your name.

- Cindy Morris.
- Cindy, yes. Dean Ferris, Cindy Morris.

Well done. It was touch and go there
for a while, wasn't it? I'm proud of you.

All right, all right!
All right, all right!
How would you like to see a real stud?
My man Mikey's in love!
Have fun, JC.
Let me show you how a stud works.
Come on, come on!

- You want us to call the cops?
- Call 'em, asshole!

You gonna ask me out now or what?
What are you looking at, huh?
Hey, come here.

What do you guys do with each other?
- Keep the area clear. Stay away from the gate.
- Yes, sir!

Keep this area clear!
Stay away from the gate!

- Sieg heil!
- We'll keep this area clear, sir!

- Why don't you make us leave, fag?
- Yeah!

What did I tell you, huh?
- Don't do that.
- Hit him!