Blade Runner

Sit down.
Care if I talk?
I'm kind of nervous when I take tests.
Just please don't move.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I already had an IQ test this year.
I don't think I've ever had one of these.

Reaction time is a factor in this,
so please, pay attention.

Now answer as quickly as you can.
1 187 Hunterwasser.
That's the hotel.
Where I Iive.
Nice place?
Yeah, sure, I guess.
Is that part of the test?

No. Just warming up. That's all.
It's not fancy or anything.
You're in a desert walking along
in the sand when all of a sud-

Is this the test, now?
Yes. You're in a desert,
walking along in the sand...

...when all of a sudden you look down-
What one?
What desert?
Doesn't make any difference what desert.
It's completely hypotheticaI.

-But how come I'd be there?
-Maybe you're fed up, maybe you...

...want to be by yourseIf. Who knows?
You Iook down and you see a tortoise,

-It's crawIing towards you-
-A tortoise? What's that?

-You know what a turtIe is?
-Of course.

Same thing.
I've never seen a turtIe.
But I understand what you mean.
You reach down and you fIip the tortoise
over on its back, Leon.

Do you make up these questions,
Mr. HoIden?

Or do they write them down for you?
The tortoise Iays on its back,
its belly baking in the hot sun...

...beating its legs, trying to turn itself over,
but it can't.

Not without your help.
But you're not helping.

What do you mean I'm not helping?
I mean, you're not helping.
Why is that, Leon?