Burden of Dreams

You wanted to know the story of Fitzcarraldo.
It's a strange story-
a little bit Sisyphus-like story or...

a story of, uh,
challenge of the impossible.

The title itself-
I will start with that -

uh, is derived from
an Irish name - Fitzgerald.

The leading character's name is
Bryan Sweeney Fitzgerald.

And since nobody can pronounce
his name in the Amazon here...

he calls himself Fitzcarraldo, and he also
founds a town with the name Fitzcarraldo.

There was a historical figure whose
name was Carlos Fermín Fitzcarrald...

a caucho baron.
I must say the story of this caucho baron
did not interest me so much.

What interested me more
was one single detail.

That was, uh,
that he crossed an isthmus...

from one river system into another...
uh, with a boat.
They disassembled the boat and -
and put it together again on the other river.

And, uh, that intrigued me to write a story
about big opera in the jungle...

and, uh, about a man
who wants to bring Caruso...

into Iquitos and build
a huge opera house.

And he fails to -
to get the money for it...

and so finally he decides
to make his fortune as a rubber baron.

And, uh, he buys a territory
which is out of reach...