Burden of Dreams

Did you sail the ship
all the way up the river from Iquitos?

Yes. They had to come from Iquitos
all the way up here...

which was quite hard.
It's a very, very big distance.
Maybe 1,500 miles or 2,000 miles.

Between Rio Urubamba
and Rio Camisea...

we are pulling the boat now.
After shooting in Iquitos...
Herzog moves cast and crew
1,500 miles south...

to his newjungle location
on the Rio Camisea.

From Iquitos,
under the best of circumstances...

it takes a full day
to reach the camp by air...

with the last leg
in a small, single-engine plane...

and over two weeks by boat
when the rivers are navigable at all.

Since Herzog admits he could shoot
most of Fitzcarraldo right outside Iquitos...

some people think
the remotejungle location...

is just another example
ofhis insistence on making things tough.

Herzog claims that the isolated location...
will bring out special qualities
in the actors and even the film crew...

that would be impossible
to achieve otherwise.

The local Machiguenga Indians
are cooperative...

but Herzog's problems
are far from over.

The upper Amazon tributaries are too shallow
for large ships to use unless they're flooded.

Originally, Herzog had planned to shoot
during the rainy season...

when the rivers would have been
high enough for him to move his ships.

But all the delays have thrown him
badly off schedule.

By now the rainy season is over...
and the rivers are falling fast.
He has no choice.
Ifhe waits, the film will collapse.