Burden of Dreams

would come all the way from Iquitos.
The next town that you can
call a town would be Pucallpa.

It's half the distance between Iquitos
and Camisea.

And that, of course, is a-
is an enormous trouble
to get even a nail into the camp...

or anything that you need.
The chicken is dead.
- It's dead?
- Yeah.

With the river this low,
the slightest error in navigation...

can run a ship aground.
But when a sudden rainstorm
raises the water level for a few short hours...

Herzog tries a desperate gamble and takes the ship
out onto the river to shoot an important scene.

- We are in trouble.
- What's wrong?

I don't know exactly. The -
The engine is not strong enough.

And we are going backwards,
and we've run on ground.

Here on these rocks.
And the water is sinking.

But if we-if we go into this...
we might lose this boat.
If that gets stuck...
then we can forget about shooting...
for the next maybe half year.