Burden of Dreams

Twenty arrows against a zoom, huh?
I'm afraid they'll get
more and more bored and suddenly shoot.

"Look at that big guy there
with the weird lens.

Think you can get him?"
"I'll get him.!"
"No, you won't get him.

You're shaking too much. "
"But I'll get him. "
Get the camera and film that.
- No, it's too dark now.

Come on. It'll still work.
It'll still work.
"It'll still work. "
You can't see anything at all!

David, the canoes should stay here.
On the riverbank.
In this case, we will probably have
one of the last feature films...

with authentic natives in it.
They are fading away very quickly.
And it's a-a catastrophe
and a tragedy that's going on.

And we are losing
riches and riches and riches...

and we lose, uh, cultures
and individualities...

and languages and mythologies,
and we'll be stark naked at the end.

We'll end up like all the cities
in the world now...

with, uh, skyscrapers and-
and a universal kind of culture
like-like the American culture.