Burden of Dreams

will just, uh, disappear
from the face of this earth.

I don't want to live in a-in a world
where there are no lions anymore.

Or where the are no people like lions -
and they are lions.

Well, these people are,
uh, watchmen for the night...

because we have, uh,
had an incident with a man who was...

attacked by arrows.
That means there were three people.
His wife, the man and another young man.

And further up that river
you can see here...

and only two hours
by speedboat from here...

this attack occurred, and the man was hit
with an arrow through the throat.

And on the leg.
And his wife was-
was hit three times.
I have not seen her yet.
But apparently here in the hip...

and a little higher.
And that was in complete darkness.
And they were lucky that they had a-
a doctor here and a very good paramedic...

who, uh, operated them immediately.
They will do a raid upstream now, and...
I hope they don't make any contact.
Because if they make contact...
and if something is going on there...
we will probably have a raid
of the Amahuacas down here.

And it's all because the river
is so unusually low.

You can see all these riverbanks. Sometimes
the water went all the way up to that camp...

about six, seven yards higher-
about 20 feet higher or so.
And now, uh, turtles come
to the sandbanks and lay their eggs.