Cat People

with the end of the era
of permissive drug use in Hollywood.

In the years before that,
there had been this notion

that cocaine was not addictive
and that it was very much up front.

The first cocaine I ever took
was given to me by my
production manager on Blue Collar.

This was the end of
that four or five years

where drug use was deemed
permissible in Hollywood.

It affected this film, as it did
many other films at this time.

In a case like this, you can see
all the design priorities -

that bed, the blanket, the painting.
Here's a little homage
to the film I wanted to do and did next,

which was the life of Yukio Mishima.
This is one of those cases
where you have a driving shot

and you tell the actors to loosen it up.
It's always better if they can
come up with something.

Because it doesn't feel scripted.
That wasn't scripted.

Now we're out in Slidell,
which is probably full
of condominiums by now.