"l'm just wild about Harry"
Come on, Richard.
Get it out of here!
He's just getting revenge.
For all of the relatives of his that you ate,
baked and stuffed at Ma Maison!

Bad fellow! You bad fellow!
Get away!
Look, l have money!
l'll give you anything!
Just get me out of this hole!

l have something here...
...that will take your mind off of it.
lt's showtime!
lsn't this a great video?
l love this!
Look at the quality of that picture!
She can't hear you!
l'm sorry. She lost the coin toss.
l had to bury her further down the beach.

Couldn't even leave her a monitor.
Would have shorted out by now.

No, no! That's a trick!
You son of a bitch!
That's some kind of special-effects trick,
isn't it?

Just look at the VCR back there....
l'm sorry. You can't turn your head.
Let me assure you the VCR is not on PLAY,
it's on RECORD.

l'm going to save this stuff!
Two of you are part of my home movies!
You're insane!
lt won't be long now.
Not long at all.
Oh, my God!
You are insane.
l kept my promise
that you would see Becky again.

ls that insane?
You bastard!
There's a chance you can get out of this.
The tide might even set you free.
lt depends on how long you keep your cool,
how long you hold your breath.

The water is so cold!
So salty.