Eating Raoul

Well, that was easy.
Maybe for you.
Watch out for his sword.
This costume is so hot.
Yeah, well, for $400,
you could be Humpty Dumpty.

Paul, believe me,
I'm not complaining.

-Who is it?
-It's me, Raoul.

-Did you bring the money?
-Come on, let me in.

-What is she supposed to be?
-A cartoon mouse.

Man, I hate to see a beautiful woman
degraded like that.

Yeah, well, we don't choose
these fantasies, they do.

Come on, help me get this guy
into the bag.

Excuse me.
Well, let's have it. How much cash
did you get for those two stiffs?

Fourteen hundred dollars.
That makes your share $ 700.

Raoul, that's wonderful.
That ring that one guy had. Must
have been worth quite a lot, huh?

Gold plate and cut glass?
Worth maybe $20, $30.

I could have told you that ring
wasn't worth anything.

How much does the King pay
for raw material?

-Fifty cents a pound.
-Fifty cents a pound? All right, man.

Tomorrow I'm gonna bring you
four or 500 pounds.

I don't know. I don't like
to fuck around with the King.

It's my job, you know?
Hey, I don't shit where I eat.

Yeah, I know what you mean.
Okay, listen.
I'm gonna take care of you.

Want a 30-inch color TV?
You got it.

But you gotta take this stuff from me.
It's perfect. It's fresh.

No, man! Forget the TV!
I need wheels.

-Is that all you need, is wheels, ├ęse?

-I'll get you fine wheels, all right?
-All right.

That hippie guy's not gonna show.
We've wasted $ 70 on this light show.

-Who's the 9:00?
-Some sickie with a Great Dane.

-A Great Dane?
-Five hundred dollars.