Fast Times at Ridgemont High

- Brad, have Mom and Dad seen these?
- They're not home yet.

- Brad?
- What?

What would you say if
I asked you to put these...

in the trunk of the Cruising Vessel
and get rid of them?

- I'd say, "Who the hell is Ron Johnson?"
- Please.

Thank you very much.
- Lisa's great!
- Yeah.

I don't understand why you want
to break up with a girl like that.

Me and Lisa have been going together
for two years. I love her and all.

I mean, she's great in bed.
It's just that...
I'm a single, successful guy.

And this is my last year in school.
This could be the best year of my life!

I just feel like I need
my freedom now, you know?

Okay, here's your preparation stuff.
You got your sliced tomatoes,
shredded lettuce, secret sauce.

- What's the secret sauce?
- Thousand Island dressing.

What's the secret sauce
at Bronco Burger?

- Ketchup and mayonnaise.
- Gotcha.

Order for you, Bradley.
- Were those flowers really for me?
- Of course!

- How much did they cost?
- Don't worry about it.

Want to go to The Point tonight?
What's there to do at The Point?
What do you mean? We've been
going out together for two years.

I don't want to have to use sex
as a tool, Brad.

Tool? Tool for what?
We've been going together for two years!

- I don't want to talk about it here.
- I wanna talk about it!

- Brad?
- Lisa!

You gotta flip 'em, or they'll burn.