-Ask Mr. Herzog to see me.
---was the most significant act...

:15:04 colonial affairs since
the Declaration of Independence.

They'll find we're better
prepared this time.

Mr. Gandhi will find
he's on a long hiding to nothing.

"A High Court judge confirmed
that Mr. Gandhi...

...would've been within his rights
to prosecute for assault...

...since neither he nor Mr. Khan
resisted arrest."

I told you about English law.
As I told you about English policemen.
We're very pleased
to have you back, Papa.

And I am glad to be back.
Mind your face.
Tomorrow I'll tell you about
my days in a police hospital.

Come, come.
Just like proper English gentlemen.
I'm proud of them.

They're boys and they're Indian.
Will you take this off?
It pinches every time I speak.

I've got it.
You'd be Gandhi.
I thought you'd be bigger.
-I'm sorry.
-No, that's all right.

My name is Charlie Andrews, sir.
I've come from India.
I've read a great deal about you.
Some of it good, I hope.
Would you care to walk?
You're a clergyman?
I met some remarkable people in India.
And when I read what you were doing,
I wanted to help.

-Does that surprise you?
-Not anymore.