Please sit down. Do sit down.
Gentlemen, I've asked you to come
here through Mr. Jinnah's kindness...

...because I've had the chance
to see the legislation.

And it is exactly as was rumoured.
Arrest without warrant,
and automatic imprisonment...

...for possession of materials
considered seditious.

And your writings
are specifically listed.

So much for helping them
in the Great War.

There is only one answer:
Direct action on a scale...

...they can never handle.
I don't think so.
Terrorism would only justify
their repression.

And what kind of leaders
would it throw up?

Are they men that we'd want
at the head of our country?

I too have read
Mr. Gandhi's writings...

...but I'd rather be ruled by an
Indian terrorist than an English one.

And I don't intend to submit
to that kind of law.

I must say, it seems to me...
...that it's gone beyond remedies
like passive resistance.

If I may...
...l, for one, have never
advocated passive anything.

I'm with Mr. Jinnah.
We must never submit to such laws...
And I think our resistance must be
active and provocative.

May I?
I want to embarrass all those
who wish to treat us as slaves.

Thank you.
All of them.
-Forgive my stupid illustration.
-Allow me.

No, please.
But I want to change their minds...
...not kill them
for weaknesses we all possess.

And what resistance would you offer?
The law is due
to take effect from April 6.

I want to call upon the nation...
:32:59 make that a day of
prayer and fasting.