Halloween III: Season of the Witch

and Santa Mira.
Santa Mira?
Where they make those.
- Little place. Not too far away.

Maybe they know something.
I'm not going back to L.A,
until I find out what happened to my father.

Linda, I can't get out of it.
I'm really sorry. I ...

You're gonna sit around...
- No. It's just a bunch of doctors talking about boring stuff.

The kids don't even remember your name!
- Linda, Linda take it easy.

I'll be back to take 'em trick or treating. I promise.
I'll call...
- Tell me where you're going to stay.
- No, I can't remember the name of the hotel.

I'll call you Monday.
I gotta go.
- Wait a minute!
- Bye.

"We'll be back with more" Dance Party
right after these messages.

* Two more days to Halloween, Halloween, Halloween *
* Two more days to Halloween, Silver Shamrock. *

* Two more days to Halloween, Halloween ... *
I think it's the next exit.
- Wait a minute.

Yeah, that's it.
Then we go about ten miles
and turn right on 33.

I wanna know, why they put their factory
out here in the middle of nowhere.

Listen ...
Santa Mira founded in 1887,
farming community.

Grew up around a large dairy.
After World War II ... a wealthy Irishman, Conal Cochran
converted it into a toy factory ...

Silver Shamrock Novelties.
Now given over to the manufacture
and sale of Halloween masks.

Largest in the world.
Proud community.
Predominantly Irish.