Halloween III: Season of the Witch

It's cozy, it's quiet,
and the price is right.

Keep him happy
just for a minute.

Shower's good.
Put in new pipes last year.

Any bags?
- Oh, yeah.

Light packers, aren't ya?
We've had a lot of practice.
Ah! There's Mr. Cochran now.
A great man, Conal Cochran.
A true genius.

Watch your driving, honey.
You could've killed that man.

I didn't hurt him! Hey, sorry
about that. Glad it didn't hit ya.

And great big thank you for pickin' it up.
You all right?

No problem.
- Hey, Buddy Kupfer, San Diego.

This is my wife Betty.
Please to meet you.
And right there's Little Buddy.
Is it busted?
- No.

Don't you dare go in the street!
Do you hear me?!
I gotta go.
- I'll be checkin' you in now, sir.

I fiilled out the register. I left $40 under the blotter.
That'd cover it? - Oh, heavens, yes. Thank you, sir.