No, thanks. Trying to taper off.
My daughter work with me.
Mister, mister!
Have you time? Have you time?

Two dollar?
One dollar?
- Jimmy.
- Jimmy.

- Jimmy.
- Jimmy.

Hello, Tom.
I see you're not particular
about the company you keep.

Well, them that works, eats.
- Hello, O'Mara.
- What brings you down to the depths?

I'm down here with a friend of mine,
but he seems to have gotten lost.

What are you offering for him,
a nickel reward?

- For you, O'Mara, I'll make it a dime.
- I'd have taken the nickel, Samuel.

A little off your regular patch,
aren't you, Hammett?

Didn't know you had
Chinatown roped off.

I don't, but sometimes
I think it'd be a hell of an idea.

You sure you didn't see this friend
of mine, Tom? A guy about 50 or so.

Six foot, tan overcoat
with a velvet collar.

- Fancy.
- Haven't seen the likes of him.

And what would your fancy friend
be doing down here?

- Looking for a Chinese girl.
- Oh, ain't we all?

- Your friend a private cop?
- Maybe.

- And maybe there'd be a little?
- Could be, you never know.

- What do you think, Tom?
- Well, that's up to you, lieutenant.