Honkytonk Man

You wanna try?
Sure. Papa sometimes lets me
drive the truck.

All right, slide on over.
Bubba, why don't you let Virgil drive?
Hoss claims he can drive as good as me...
by God, I believe he can.
Come on, just slide on in there.
Now, we just ease right on out.
That's the way. Let the clutch out easy.
- Easy on the clutch.
- I know.

What do you say, folks?
Ain't Hoss doing a hell of a job driving?
I put every penny we had into that crop.
Borrowed all I could.
Can't think of anyplace to steal it...
and I'm not gonna beg. Ain't in me to beg.
There's a fellow over in Meeker...
who says he bought machinery and stock.
He'll give you a few cents on the dollar
for everything you got.

Maybe get $100.
That ain't gonna get us out to California...
keep us in grub till we find a job.
Well, I could match you for the rest.
You? You ain't...
I thought you said
you didn't have any money.

You kidding?
I got money 10 miles up a bull's ass.
Of course, I gotta find that bull to get it.
I was thinking I'd send it to you
when I got to Nashville.

- How you gonna get to Nashville?
- Tennessee.

I was born in Tennessee.
Cainsville, just north of Murfreesboro.
Came to Oklahoma when I was 18,
riding an old mule...

- and made the Run into Cherokee Strip.
- How about some more coffee?

That was in September 1893.
September 16th, to be exact.