Honkytonk Man

That's the way.
Play the "E" string
and the "A" string open.

Now, listen.
The only reason we're letting you go is...

I want you to keep him out of trouble,
if you can.

Don't let him drink while he's driving...
Listen now.

You have to promise me
you won't go in that honkytonk, you hear?

- But I wanted to hear Uncle Red sing!
- You'll just have to listen from outside.

You have to promise me that,
or I won't let you go.

All right. You'd think I was a little kid,
or something.

Uncle Red was playing in honkytonks
by the time he was my age.

I'll have some chickens for you
in the morning.

Well, look here! What's this, Red?
Got yourself a helper?

This is my nephew, Whit.
This is Lulu, she owns the joint.

Nephew! Ain't he something, now?
Sure is cute, ain't he?

And he gets it all from me.
Well, you should have kept some
for yourself.

I like them young, and that's a fact,
but not that young.

How about if I give you a nickel,
and you call me up in a couple of years?

- What do you think about that, Hoss?
- Here you are, hon.

You can spend it now if you want...
but you gotta remember to call me
in a couple of years.

Go ahead, take it.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- You're welcome.

Sing good, Red.
I'll try.
A Nehi orange, please?