Identificazione di una donna

The doctor said I shouldn't have
intercourse for some weeks.

- Who, my sister?
- Yes.

- You saw her?
- Yes.

She didn't think you were seriously ill, right?
- Cigarette?
- Here they are.

Then what was the other evening...
Please, I don't like to talk about sex.
Ssh. No problem.
I know, I know. I am incapable of
punctuality. Excuse me.

Now what?
Did you flirt with anyone recently?
- There is always someone.
- Uhm. No... somebody in particular.

Probably rich...
of a certain age.

Why do yo ask me?
Because part of the story is, that
this someone is interested in you.

To the degree that he sent
someone to threaten me.

What are you saying?
I caused him to threaten you?

Two hours ago.
He phoned me, then we met.

In short, he made me understand...
I had better not meet you anymore.

Who is he?
- You're not thinking of anyone in particuar?
- No.

- Try to think.
- I am thinking.

- I don't know.
- Now, then.

Du want me to swear?
- Do you recognize this face?
- No.

Are you sure?