Identificazione di una donna

Never seen it.
In my opinion, he is your adorer's gorilla.
And you believe that I have met the gorillas?
Not the gorillas, but the merchants
of death that pay them.

And there must be several of them,
in your circles.

They're not my circles anymore, since a long time.
What should we do?
Ah, what should we do.
Don't think it is over between you and me
because of this scoundrel.

No. Certainly not.
I ask myself what we can do.
Why don't you introduce me...
to some of your friends?

- Good evening.
- Hello, Carlo.

- Mavi...
- How are you?

- See you upstairs?
- Yes, sure.

- Ah, you are here? Leaving already?
- Yes, but I'll return soon.

- You're coming back?
- Yes.

- How are you, sis'?
- Fine.

- My sister.
- And him?

- Some would say that...
- What would "some" say?

That you have been at the Atlantic College
with all of them, in a canoe.

- Why?
- You're so friendly with everyone.

You're also seeing how everyone
is equally friendly with me.

As you already said, men like me.
Especially in spring.
In springtime I always want to make new friends.
It's a fortune that winter is not over yet.
I still have some time.

One moment please. I want to tell you something.