Identificazione di una donna

Do you think what we live in is a society?
What we are missing is an idea of society.
Here, there are as many as there
are people at the party.

- Do you have a cigarette?
- Certainly.

You're into politics now?
Good evening, How are you?
Is that your wife?
Which one?

That blond lady? I would be thrilled to have
you at my home one of these evenings.

- Can I phone you?
- Certainly.

Mavi, you said "my home".
Which home?

Your home, will you lend it to me?
We haven't spoken in a long time.
Yes, I'm living in Paris.
What do you think of the election, madame?
Ah, I find Mittérand sympathetic...
...and think he will do well.
We will see in the end.

... from the ancestors...
who invented the contrabass.