Identificazione di una donna

With you it is never clear if you're
speaking the truth or not.

Is that so bad? A little hypocrisy
is needed in certain situations.

Strange, how you succeed to be, at the same time...
intelligent and stupid.
Good and bad. Sour and sweet.

- Me?
- Yes. You.

You have all those qualities that usually
constitute a character.

Even defects.
It is as if you were incapable of...
If you want us to continue being together,
you have to listen to what I'm saying to you,
even that which displeases you.
And going ahead, there will be always
be more of those things that displease you.

Wait, you don't want to go in there.
Stay here a little longer.

I feel uneasy here.
They must consider me one who
came just out of curiosity.

They bear me because I'm with you.
That is certainly true.
See, even you think as they do.
I am no longer on their half.
You have to understand. I am on yours.

- Do you want me to swear?
- Yes, yes. You are nice when you swear.

Ah, you gave me a compliment.
- Hello.
- Excuse me, we were here before him.

Yes, I know. Be patient.
Those poor people were right.
Who knows how long they've been waiting.

I think they're not here to see me.
- Did you receive my message?
- Yes.