Identificazione di una donna

- Something has happened to my sister.
- My God, an accident?

No, no. She lost her the position
at the department of Gynaecology,

in the hospital where she works.
The manager position.

It is power abuse.
- I am sure it is my fault.
- How is it your fault, I don't understand.

They are starting to put their
threats into action, Mavi.

And he doesn't strike at me, that son of a bitch.
But at a person dear to me.
But your folks haven't got any
friendships in those circles?

My mother perhaps, but she
moves around.

What is it?
- I nearly went mad today, you know.
- What has happened?

A man, whom I only know
to be my mother's lover,

has an obsession with me.
- How?

He phones me, he wants to see me.
You remember back at the Dandini place...

that I stopped to speak with a man?
Can I talk with you a moment, Mavi?
For a long time, I've had
something to tell you you.

- I would like to see you one of these days.
- Let's talk now.

Are you referring to a story that goes
more than twenty years back in time?

- How did you know?
- I gathered as much.

Understand that fatherhood is not a literary idea.
Your mother said that if you only
took a close look in the mirror...