Identificazione di una donna

you would understand who your father is.
- It is not true, and I never would've understood it!

Look at our hands.
I've hated him from childhood,
I don't know why.

He, on the other hand,
has adored me since I was born.

Without being able say it to anyone, including me.
Without being able to touch or caress me.
Why have I always felt this
instinctive repulsion towards him.

I believed him to be a friend of the house,
when I saw him I'd hide.

It's not your fault.
It's not my fault, right?
- See that girl over there?
- Yes.

Two days ago I was on a
motorcycle with a friend of mine,

about ten kilometres from Rome,
we had a flat tire.

A car stopped a little distance from us.
I approached it to ask a for screwdriver.
Inside it was a totally naked girl with a guy.
See, now she has recognized me.