Identificazione di una donna

The pounding of the saddle excites me.
- How did you learn to ride?
- A friend taught me.

His father had a stable.
Then even you belong in this environment.
Why "even I"? Who are the others?
Imagine, at sixteen I was already working.
I was traveling around in a minibus
with a guy selling clothes.

I wore them. Ten, twelve, twenty times in a day.
In the evenings I was beat.
He gave me ten thousand liras per day.

It was a lot for me.
Was he a nice guy?
At the end of the day, he'd want to go
out to eat or dance, but I was always tired.

I came with him only one time .
And then?
I never went to bed with him,
if that's what you want to know.

- You thought so? Right?
- Yes, miserable me, I thought so.

I'm becoming soft.
I've never been in your house,
will you take me there?

You may come and go whenever you want.
Today is Monday, I'm resting.
- Will I see you later?
- Do you want the keys?

For God's sake no.
I would be afraid to lose them.