Identificazione di una donna

What would you do if I wasn't here?
I would go to my study.
- Where is it?
- Over there.

All those photographs, what are they?
Women, as you can see.
For a movie?
Yes, I am looking for a face.
- As you want it?
- I want to find out.

Beautiful, right?
Even he is quite a character, his eyes
are very much alive.

They are terrorists.
Two coherent lives.
Yes, because a context like
theirs requires virility,

courage, life,
none of which creates
a relationship of violence.

You know, that girl abandoned her husband
because of their ideological differences.

She went away, leaving her child,
to live with that guy.

Together with her husband, she then
appeared in the newspapers.

- Even the husband is in prison?
- Yes.

- What a romance.
- They have everything in common, those two.

Ideology, fanaticism, clandestinity, risks,
Of course they were fine together.
It is when two people have a normal
relationship that the trouble begins.

- Do you want to go to the cinema or a theatre?
- Yes.

- What's that for?
- They brought them here in the afternoon.

- They're for the girl...
- Understood, understood.

There is a note attached, look.