Identificazione di una donna

Fortunately, the commissioner isn't an idiot.
Less bad.
He told me...
you are looking for a stranger
who made the threats,

but here all are threatening you.
Wherever you turn, you cannot rest.
What do we do, put them all in?
Why do you, at any cost, want to
know the name of that man?

You are right, it is not important.
What are you doing, are you leaving?
I came here to be with you.

- You want know where I go?
- Yeah.

To look for her.
- Ah, how's that?
- I have an idea.

You don't even know her name.
You're thinking too little
of what I don't.

Listen, forget what I have said,
it doesn't matter to me.

Why do you look at me like that?
I'm trying to understand if you are sincere.
Very sincere.
Anyway, I would prefer not to be with you today.
Is it okay?

Can I stay her a little while?
Of course.
You can even look through the drawers,
if you want to.

I would rather look in here.
- No grudges, right?
- Yes...

See you tomorrow.
- Okay.
- You're okay?