Identificazione di una donna

Do you forgive me?
If you do not forgive me, throw me
into the water and don't look back.

If you throw yourself, I will follow you.
The first tide that passes...
takes me to the middle of the sea,
and ends in the mouth of a whale.

And then you, and all the
men that have loved me..

will go out on the oceans in turn,
searching for the whale.

A little Moby Dick.
- Don't count on it.
- Why?

Because I don't like whales.
Coming here was always satisfying.
I still is to me.
The solitude isn't the reason why.
We always imagine happiness where we are not.
This must be the reason why so many
people in the world suffer.

Perhaps one should just get married,
and resolve all matters afterwards.

Shall we marry? I don't see any other solution.
This has become a vice, don't you see?