La Traviata

[ Guests ]
Let the pleasures of the table...

open everyone's heart.
Alfredo's always thinking of you.
You're joking!
While you were ill,
he came by every day.

Don't say that.
I am nothing to him.
[ Alfredo ]
I'm not lying.

Is it true?
I don't understand.

Yes, it's true.
I'm indebted to you.
You, Baron, never cared as much.
I've only known you for a year.
He just met me a minute ago!
You should have
kept your mouth shut.

I dislike that young man.
I find him charming.
Aren't you saying anything?
Only our hostess
can make him speak.

I'll be Hebe,
cupbearer to the gods.

And I hope just as immortal.
Let's drink! Let's drink!
Baron, a toast...
for this happy occasion!
It's up to you, then.
Y es, yes, a toast!
I'm not inspired just now.