La Traviata

I'm so pale!
Oh, it's you!
Is the spell over?
I feel better.
You'll kill yourself if you go on.
You must take care of yourself.
How could l?
If you were mine...
I would protect you...
and watch over you.
Why do you say that?
No one has ever cared.
Because no one really loved you.
No one--
But me.
It's true! I had forgotten
this great passion!

You laugh!
Have you no heart?
A heart? Maybe.
Why do you ask?
If you had one...
you wouldn't laugh.
Is that true?
I'm not lying.
How long have you loved me?
It's been a year now.
One day...
so radiant and ethereal...
you suddenly appeared to me.
And from that day on...
I have burned...
with a secret passion.