La Traviata

He's gone to Paris.
And will return...?
Before evening.
He asked me to tell you.
How strange!
It's for you.
A businessman
should be here soon.

Show him in at once.
Flora has found out
my hiding place.

She's asking me
to the ball tonight!

She'll wait in vain.
There's a gentleman waiting.
He must be the one I expect.
Mademoiselle Valery?
I am Alfredo's father.
The young fool,
bewitched by you...

is headed for disaster!
I, sir, am a woman...
and this is my house.
Allow me to leave...
for your sake more than mine.
She has character! And yet--
You've been deceived.
He would give you all he owns.
So far he hasn't dared.
I would refuse.

Still, all this luxury--
It's a mystery to everyone.
It shouldn't be to you.