La Traviata

I understand.
I have to leave Alfredo
for a while.

It will be painful for me. Still--
That is not what I ask.
God, what more do you want?
I've granted so much already!
It's still not enough.
You want me to give him up?
You must.
Oh, no, never!
No, never!
Can you not see
the great passion...

that lives and burns
in my breast?

Having neither family
nor friends...

among the living.
Alfredo swore...
he'd be everything to me!
Don't you know
my life is tainted...

with a dreadful malady?
That I know the end is near?
Leave Alfredo!
A torture so cruel
I would rather die!

Yes, I'd rather die!
It is a great sacrifice...
but listen to me calmly.
You're beautiful...
you're young...
and in time--
Oh, say no more!