Le Beau mariage

I'm going home.
- I'll take you.

Don't you dare.
We're through.
Do you know what?
- What?

I'm getting married.
You're married,
why can't I be?

Oh, yeah... Who with?
I don't know.
The man I decide on,

who appeals to me.
Well... Good luck!
Just because your marriage failed,
doesn't mean mine will.

I'll be very choosy.
Let go. You're ridiculous.
- Listen...

Are you coming tomorrow?
From now on, I'm sleeping at home.
I just meant...
to go out or have dinner.
I don't want to.
Anyway, I have a date.
With him?
- Who?

Your intended!
I told you,
I just got the idea.

I never thought of it before.
Or rather, I hadn't made up my mind.
I have now!
You're out of your mind.
I was but I'm not now.
Eventually, I'll get a divorce.
You'd make a good husband.
We'll stay friends.
Of course.
I'll get to meet your mistresses.
- You bet!

I hope you have lots.
Lots and lots.