Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss, Die

It doesn't exactly look like
a housewares store.

Your new lover
has expensive taste.

The woman's crazy, I tell you,
and you're headed
down the same path!

Don't shout. I know him.
Maybe you'll get a discount.

I mean, I've seen him before.
Outside that house.
My God, it's all so complicated.
I agree.
No, I don't agree at all.
I'll go in and buy a vase
for my boyfriend's lover.

Should it be the same
or something special?

Like this one.
It has to be just like it.

But he mustn't find out
where you got the pieces.

Say you found them or something.
Found them.
I just happened to find them.
- Or it's for one of your girlfriends.

One of my girlfriends.
That's good.
I must remember that.

Heaven sends an angel
to try me.
Do we deserve this trial,Jenny?
At least we can
pass it with dignity.